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GDCHome Offers Extensive Furniture and Home Adornment Range

Charleston, South Carolina (6th Jan 2016) — Nowadays, people love shopping for nearly everything and it is also possible to buy extensive furniture and home decorative items.

<p>For South Carolina residents, GDC Home offers a board range of furniture, accessories and decorative products. The buyers can visit its three stores located at Charleston, Kidwah Island and Mt Pleasant. They can also explore the range online and place orders as per their needs.</p> <p>Convenience And Options Of Online Furniture Shopping</p> <p>GDCHome is not like any run of the mill online store. Its origins can be traced back to 1978. Over the years, the company has expanded operations and grown from strength to strength.</p> <p>On the website, you get thousands of products listed under separate categories such as furniture, bedding, lighting, tabletop, d&eacute;cor and rugs. Under each of these categories, you will find subcategories and products listed. For each product, there is high resolution image and description- which makes things easier for a prospective buyer. While seeing products online, you can use parameters like cost and newness of products for convenience. The product gallery and room planner section on the company website makesit easier for shoppersto understand what products will fulfill their needsthe best.</p> <p>Wide Range Of Furniture And Lighting</p> <p>At GDCHome online store, you can find nearly any type of furniture which will suit various types of house d&eacute;cor. You will find plenty of tables, chairs, storage cabinets and beds in the shops. The furniture is made mostly of diverse types of wood and metal. Each product bears stamp of craftsmanship. You get furniture for living room, dining room and bedrooms at this shop.</p> <p>The range of lighting is quite generous too. From chandeliers that can augment the appeal of your interiors to wall lamps that give a dramatic look to your rooms, you get it all at this online store. You can also pick from a range of aesthetically designed table lamps and flush mount lights.</p> <p>Bedding And Dining Collection For All Homes</p> <p>To sleep comfortably, using the right bedding is prerequisite. GDCHome offers a wide range of bedding material at reasonable rates. You can shop froma wide range of duvets, quilts and blankets. The rugs are ideal for adding a soft layer on the floor and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the rooms. There are rugs made of natural fibers too, and you get some items that can be used outdoors.</p> <p>Having a grand looking dining table at home is not enough. You need proper dining ware to complement it. GDCHome has an impressive dinnerware collection comprising of plates, trays, tumblers, spoons and forks, etc. You also get a good collection of serve ware and glass utensils.</p> <p>Accessories For Personal Use And Gifting</p> <p>GDCHome sells plenty of accessories that can be used for home adornment as well as gifting. Mirrors of varying shapes and sizes can be used in washrooms, bedrooms and many other parts in house. These mirrors have various wood and metals in frames.</p> <p>The wall arts are ideal for gifting a relative, friend or a colleague on personal occasions. Decor like wall paintings or an animal heads can make a near one absolutely delighted. Even the conch shell and coral art based items are quite enticing as gifts.</p> <p>Easy Payment And Support</p> <p>GDCHome offers smooth shopping and safe payment options on its website. It accepts a variety of cards for payment. Shopping at the site is a hassle free experience, but buyers can still contact the company at 1-888-819-9064 for support.</p> <p>Contact:</p> <p>Charleston</p> <p>http://www.gdchome.com/</p> <p>1290 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, West Ashley, SC</p> <p>Phone &mdash; &nbsp;843.571.5142&nbsp;&nbsp; &bull;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 843.571.5525</p> <p>Customer service &mdash; 1-888-819-9064</p> <p>email &mdash; info@gdchome.com</p>

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